I'm researching the British seaside for an upcoming exciting project...and today I came across these rather sad pictures of Margate's now derelict 'Dreamland'. Dreamland's now grim appearance could never have been John Henry Iles intention back in 1919 when he bought up the site, renaming it after a theme park in Coney Island. I love the image of the depressing brick building with "Dreamland welcomes you" on it ... so bitter sweet.

On a more positive note, Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company are now working with The Dreamland Trust to redevelop the site as the world's first amusement park of historic rides, with the centre piece being a fully restored Scenic Railway!

Information and photos were found here


Last-Year Girl said...

I went to Margate last month and was absolutely captivated by the story of Dreamland - I really hope they get the park up and running. And I'm really interested to hear about your project, sounds fascinating!

Nancy and Betty said...

Hi Emily

We live near Margate. Some places in Margate feature in our seaside postcard pack. Check out Zoe Murphy too, think you'll like her work. Love, love the seaside!!

Hannah x


Emily Forgot said...

Thanks for your comments guys...looking forward to visiting dreamland when its been restored to its former glory!

also Thanks for the link Hannah,
those postcards look ace..I like the blue peter badge a lot too!

: )

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