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Apple globe by photographer Kevin Van Aelst


I did stumble over these a while back but did so again yesterday so ... for all those that didn't see them the first time round ... I bring you Hermes Vans. This is not a collaboration with Hermes but more of an exercise in Up cycling from the stylist Robert Verdi. Bored with the limitation of wearing scarves round his neck he got himself some bespoke trainers upholstered in his beautiful collection of vintage Hermes scarves. For some die hard fans this could be blasphemous ... but I must admit I'm strangely attracted...



As you may have gathered from previous posts I am an illustrator with an obsession with interiors, my latest obssession is the use of Black within the home and not in a goth way...it started off with contemplating black kitchen units...but then I came across so much more lovely use of black on my Sunday internet travels I had to share ...

Please note. *This black is not glossy bachelor pad black..it is matte very matte and combined with plenty of natural woods, white, industrial elements and organic textures ...

Black stairs...
(via vanstee )

 Black doors ...
(via manhattan-nest )

Black Kitchens ...
(Stuart McIntyre)

 via La maison d'Anna G

Black bath tubs ...
(via French by design)

The Ace hotel
(via the excellent Remodelista)

and finally..black walls



These Bar stools made me smile...
They are by a maker called John Risley, I found it quite difficult to find any info on him... but, they're available to buy from Archive Laguna...If you have a spare $3500!



Sorry folks ... its taking me quite a while to get back into the world of blogging..tweeting and generally  working ... but mince pies are now a distant memory and the show must go on.... I have some plans brewing regarding the blog, so posts may be less regular as I get all this in order, i'm hoping the new look..new name and slightly new slant on my blog will be ready for your eyes to see in February so please bear with me and watch this space **** & ***** is only a few technical glitches away...

In the meantime I found these amazing hats on Raneytown.com today and had to share the millinery love... I prononunce 2012 the year I shall wear more hats ( particularly if these hats are by Frederica Moretti)... and this will also be the year I will be more action over procrastination ... I would also like it to be the year I meet Sir Paul Smith, get commissioned by Hermes to do a window display and make a rocking horse ... time will tell ; ) ... I am considering writing to Shane Richie with these aspirations, as I am also to turn 30 in 2012 (eek) so there is plenty of wishes to tick of my to do list this year!  none of which involve any form of extreme sport.

Any who ...

Happy new year everyone, may it be fruitful & filled with hats, humour and happiness.

Back soon ....



Hope you all have a lovely festive season folks ... the blog will be back in the new year with some new exciting changes set for 2012! ... watch this space ...

available to buy from Urban Outfitters..the best christmas album..EVER!



WRAP magazine | ISSUE 3

Those who aren't familiar with wrap magazine..its time to familiarize yourself! You have until the 20th of December (Wraps last delivary date) to have the most wonderfully dressed gifts this Christmas. Not only is WRAP is an illustration magazine but once you've read it you can go on to reuse every sheet as wrapping paper...genius.

Polly, who is behind the Wrap concept also let me know about a giveaway ... all purchasers of wrap magazine issue 3 will be entered into a prize draw  to win one of two Donna Wilson cushions!

On that note...Merry Christmas one and all!


The Hornsea Pottery was established in Hornsea, Yorkshire in 1949 by Desmond and Colin Rawson and they produced a variety of earthenware ornaments and tableware in fashionable designs. In 1970 another factory was opened in Lancaster due to the heavy demand for what had become an extremely popular range of items.

In 1984 the company was sold and then sold again a year later, resulting in the closure of the Lancaster plant. The Hornsea factory finally closed in 2000.

They are my favourite of a selection of piggy banks I found here

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