Table shirt

Available to buy here I think it would look good with ketchup stains.


I remember seeing some of this stuff whilst I was back in college many moons ago..the stuff above is new to me, anyway all this is besides the point new or old it needed to be posted..love it. see more here



Okay..so I don't speak any Polish but,I managed to navigate the website well enough to know that this is an amazing looking show of animal based vintage poster imagery...wow.


I seem to have gone a little interior-centric of late..so another furniture post, following my trip to the mid century modern show in Dulwich on Sunday. The work of Rupert Blanchard court my eye and after looking on his site on my return I found out he was responsible for the fantastic Ally Cappellino installations..he's also worked with Selfridges and liberty's and is currently selling his upcycled furniture above at Elemental in Spitalfields...lovely and inspiring...see more on his blog, styling and salvage




Lots of great items to purchase here


nice oddity..more on flickr


The Kid City project is the collaboration between Noel Bramley and Richard Shed. It builds on work that each designer has done in the past few years, exploring the interaction of adults and children around stories, objects and the imagination. Noel and Richard started working this year on objects that could act as storage devices as well as inspiring the imagination for play. The cloud, rainbow and mountain are the first in a series which is an ongoing enquiry into experiential storytelling and functional design and changing environments.

Screen printed plywood.

Via Handmade Charlotte


Linea Studio

I know I was not the only one that fell in love with the house in Falmouth that Interior designer Kathryn Tyler designed and built on Grand Designs a few weeks back.. I stumbled onto her website today and so could get another good look at the beauty...I think its fair to say Kathryn has impeccable taste!..totally inspiring. Jealous? moi?
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