//jeff Eisenberg//

I find Jeff Eisenberg's drawings so intriguing and beautiful. Imagination is something that seems to become diluted as we get older..Jeffs images have the unaffected imagination of a child matched with an adult vision, invention and skill..if that makes sense..If that ramble didn't make sense..he sums up his own work rather nicely on his site.

//Anna Sara Davik

While searching for an image of fake nails for an editorial commission..as you do..I came across these gloves by designer Anna Sara Davik..They very much reminded me of Elsa Schiaparelli..undoubtedly the queen of surrealist fashion...

//billet shop japan//


//Joseph Kosuth//

Joseph Kosuth, one and three chairs, 1965


//American Folk art//

A great collection of unusual folk art objects in the Urban country shop on 1st dibs Shown above is Vintage Auto and Nautical Air Horn Collection, yours for a mere $4,000.

// Noriko Ambe//

beautiful work from Noriko Ambe


//Michel de Broin//

Any kind of disco ball gets my vote..but when its giant like this one by artist Michel de Broin..its even better. Every bit of sculpture work on his site has a healthy dollop of humour. my particular favourites are 'great encounter' and 'The Arch'


Fast becoming my favourite street to wander down..Lambs conduit has a new edition in the shape of the beautifully conceived concept store Darkroom, well worth a visit if you're in the area..more info can be found on their website here

David Opes animated gifs



So Pheobe Philo has really come up trumps over at Celine..beautiful palette..beautiful simplicity..just really really great women's wear.


I like these collages from www.papermountains.net

//Julian C Duron//

For me, these images by Julian C Duron have that ugly/beautiful quality..it jars..its slightly wrong but I like his loopy environment. I would like to meet its inhabitants.

Yes ..I think living here could suit me just fine...pinched from Emmas designblogg which is filled with beautifully styled interior photographs to swoon at.
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