//les freres jacques//

Have a great weekend!

Brigitte Bardot et les freres Jacques

//Flora and henri//

Amazing toys for sale at flora and henri

I'm so excited!

Today is the day Serge hits the big screen whoop whoop!
Here are a few links to my favourite tracks on you tube..I was unable to embed Melody Nelson but its Gainsbourg at his best..there is so much more to his music than 'je t'aime moi non plus'..the half french in me declares him a legend.

Melody Nelson on youtube

Bonnie & Clyde on youtube


This identity AMP for gallery is great, Rumours have some great work..well worth a look!

//Acute furniture//

Arc Bench and Fiesta chair by Acute furniture


//Gary Hume x Marni//

I think this collaboration works like a dream...
you can read an interview with Marni's Creative Director Consuelo Castiglioni here

//Aldo Tura//

Amazing bar and tea carts by Aldo Tura..whats a home without a bar trolly!

//Lina Nordquist//

I like this 'family of chairs' by Lina Nordquist, available to buy at design house stockholm ( you may recognise a few cos items when browsing)...anyway we are so used to buying a set of identical chairs, this is a refreshing idea as despite all being unique they are from the same family, a foursome of traditional Swedish stickback chairs, Separately presententing themselves as individuals...lovely.

Haas & Hahn

Favela painting is an interesting community project set up by artists Haas & Hahn, above is their latest project in Santa Marta in the heart of Rio...read more here

//Alex Allan//

I like Alex Allan's Installation pieces.

found via Human Resources


//Judith seng//

'Trift explores the ideal of perfect, high-gloss surfaces by creating and destroying them within the same object.' Judith seng.
I have to admit however I was drawn to this work on a more basic level ...I just find them to be aesthetically beautiful objects...

//julia Hasting//

The lady responsible for some A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. books...Julia Hasting

//Agent Gallery Chicago//

..Agent Gallery Chicago sells some intresting bits, any shop that has an 'unusual' section gets my seal of approval...Severed Foot Model anyone?


Slightly confused by Perrocali but I love this stripy cutlery!..they also sell footballs?

What is Perrocaliente?
"Perrocaliente" is a hot dog in Spanish.
"Perro" means "dog.” And "caliente" means "warm."
In a word, "hot dog" in English has been translated literally into Spanish.
The brand name was chosen by the charm sound and the comfortably loose etymology.

..so there you go then...!


//Frits Henningsen//

Along side the beauty of this chair..there seems to be something slightly sinister too, its got a slightly pervy Mr Werthers vibe...anyone agree?...just me then.

view more stunning danish furniture here

//Shary Boyle//

Shary Boyles figurines are superb.

//Hilary Brace//

Amazingly wonderful ethereal charcoal drawings from artist Hilary Brace.

//A Friend of Mine//

Some really lovely Identity work on the A Friend Of Mine site. This particular project is for a weaving company and I love the amount of thought that has gone into the final print Job. The modern flower company project makes an appearance on Suzy's site too as she used to work over at multistory before setting up her own Melbourne based design practice.



I remember stumbling across the com-pa-ny site a long time ago and foolishly not bookmarking it...for a while I thought it was lost forever!! until mr von found it for me this morning. My favourite product was, and still is the dancing shoes..a nostalgic memory of childhood for most of us..but the whole site has so many endearing and slightly bizarre products its well worth a look.


Mater have an interesting philosophy and output, I like this High stool.

Founded in 2006, mater is a copenhagen-based company with a strong vision to create timeless and beautiful design based on an ethical business strategy. mater combines exclusive high end home accessories with working methods that support people, local craft traditions and the environment.

//John Baldessari//

Putting the fun in conceptual art....I like this mans style. His work is so varied he's well worth a further explore.

//Anzfer farm//

Nice lighting from Anzfer farm, a workshop and showroom launched as a place to create unique objects and installations.

//Candy Store Collective//

So of course I stumbled upon Candy Store Collective through my previous post and it sells a lovely collection of products. I like this ceramic swan in the vintage section.

//christopher Bettig//

Christopher Bettig runs a studio called The Mountain label. I like his output because it is so varied, you won't see any editorial illustration on this site, I personally like his installation work, attached is some for Candy store which caught my eye.
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