//the general store//

Lovely little site shopsin's generalstore (very much liking the Lo-fi aesthetic of the website & anyone using 'balloon' is a friend of mine) selling perfect gifts...unfortunately for me..only in the U.S of A...boo, that bacon scarf would have been perfect for my vegetarian mother.

being a fan of complicated simplicity and all things slightly odd..i've really taken a liking to the work of Trevor Winkfield.


//Charles Avery//

...No not Heston Blumenthal ...that was a cockentrice.
More of Charles Avery can be seen here



first pics of Trevor..currently being looked after by my boyfriends parents till they can deliver him..lord knows what my flat would look like if i had my own van...he is pictured above modeling my cardigan...What a find!

//Scary mary//

I think I would definitely make an impact if i went out on halloween dressed like this, very creepy yet compelling photographs by Danny Treacy

//fat Eames//

When I first saw this I thought..If i had a blog..it would be on there..so now i have.. it is..by a man called Mark Wentzel..I believe....

//Cheese and fish?//

//Cheese and Ping Pong//

Little did I know that you could combine my 2 favourite things, Cheese and ping pong..Michael Marriot proves me wrong..genius.

//Kiosk @ SCP//

So its not there anymore..and i didn't have a blog to blog it when it was but KIOSK at SCP was a lovely installation..and KIOSK is a really nicely conceived idea..you pay the finders fee but there are some lovely objects and knick knacks sourced from all over the world to buy and fall in love with. The shop install was a triumph too..I believe it was the handy work of Michael Marriott..correct me if i'm wrong?..any way he deserves his own post..which will follow shortly...

//Dear Andy...Love Mick//

I've seen it posted pretty much everywhere but for those who haven't seen it yet..so super...you'll have to click to read it.


//George Pal//

beautiful figurines created by animator George Pal for his puppetoons films..


//Frank Magnotta//

Simply amazing pencil drawings from Frank Magnotta. His character drawings are beyond the strange..I'd like the kind of brain that could come up with this kind of thing..although i'd probably scare myself and others. Fantastic madness.


//not for the nautious//

//Man on wire//

I would like a picture of this in my bathroom...so i can look at it everyday and go... wow. The film was good until he left his adoring girlfriend for a groupie...awe inspiring non the less.

//Milton Glaser video//

Thank you Swiss Miss..a nice way to start my tuesday morning..where are my pencils?...i may have a no computer day soon...kind of like wear your jeans to the office day...but not.



//Age of the marvelous//

I'm going to try and get to the age of the marvelous this afternoon as its only on till Thursday and it looks pretty fantastic. I've seen kate Mccquires work online before and was totally blown away but it would be nice to see it in the flesh/feathers.

I also noticed the work of Alastair Mackie which is also in the exhibition..a real must see.

//what are those hairy things in the corner?//

So yes..fun wall sculpture...but what are those hairy things in the corner?...any one in the hairy larma seat manufacturing trade?

//Demian Conrad//

Some nice work from Demian conrad..I like the simple idea for the composers card.



Bring back 70's style food presentation...

//Viktor & Rolf//

Very much liked Viktor and Rolf's spring 2010 cut out party frocks. Lovely ice cream colour palettes..with more vivid hues too..parfait in more ways than one!

// Hanno Gorilla//

Bit of a sucker for the wooden toy...last weekend we bought a 4 ft Nutcracker soldier from the best antiques shop ever..christened Trevor... pictures coming soon.

The 2nd wooden monkey is fabulous too...by Kay Bojesen

Unfortunately the Hanno Gorilla is out of stock on the kid robot site...boo!

//Sweet dreams//

If only I had a bedroom big enough....
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