//Henrik Vibskov//

I love these socks by Henrik Vibskov, found on a great online store called Azita..which has lots of other great designers alongside Henrik..somewhere I will definitely be visiting when i get me next pay cheque...


//It rings so true//

There is a great selection of photo's of the graphic designer Jp William's New York home on sightunseen...pinned up on his bulletin board is a letter from a former employee with this quote...so true.


//cut and paste//

I like this collection of oddities by Kiki van Eijk
“An imaginary world in which everything is mixed, combined and questioned: Small & big scale…Farm and bourgeois…Simple & luxurious materials…Basic & complicated…Sketch & final result…Inspirations & processes…Different techniques & personal fascinations...Old & new projects...Reflections & impulses…Like an enormous patchwork of ideas, collection of thoughts & curiosities.” Kiki van Eijk.

//one of those days//

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