A really great archive of Cuban poster art here. All the posters featured are part of the Dulwich poster gallery and have been collected over the past 10 years they include both cultural and political artworks, a little taster below (amazing colours!) The blog is well worth a visit in order to gain a better understanding about each individual piece.

Poster for Japanese drama Kanojo to Kare (She and He)

poster for 1968 Spanish comedy No Somos de Piedra (We are not made of Stone)

spreads from Lincoln Cushing's book 'Revolución'


Maria said...

Wow! I love that one second from the top, thanks for sharing!

Anthony Harding said...

Love these posters Emily. Thanks for the link. For lots more Cuban vintage posters at affordable prices try Print-A-Porter.net

There is a whole section on hand silkscreened Cuban film posters. Also loads of other affordable vintage art.



Emily Forgot said...

Thanks Maria! glad you like!

Anthony, thank-you sooo much for the link...it really is super!
I'm sure my wallet won't be thanking you though..I want everything!

Cheers so much for sharing


: )

Char1ie said...

Anthony, I checked out your site and didn't see any vintage Cuban posters there, just expensive modern reprints.

Sébastien Hayez said...

There's maybe some cuban poster in your Graphis annual archive. Well, I know an article in a graphis mag, so...

Hirisha said...

Hi Emily!
I am Hirisha writing to you! i am a Graphic Design student presently studying in Japan.
i love your blog about the Cuban poster art, which i am totally crazy about! i have been searching for this book for some time but i dont know the name and the author as well! could you please tell me about it please? i will be very glad to hear from you!!
waiting for a reply!
take care,

Cubanposters said...

I have a large collection of cuban posters at : www.artofcuba.com
Thanks. I also sell on ebay.

posterboy said...

For the Japanese inquiry, my book Revolucion! Cuban Poster Art was published in a Japanese edition by Blues Interactions, Inc

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