Jan Skácelík loves Interiors (tick) loves scandanavian design (tick) and loves all that is mid century (triple tick!) He also loves pugs which I have to say ... not a massive fan of but hey! with all these wonderful loves, Jan has put together a great collection of interior eye candy.

He does feature my most loved and envy inducing interior that belongs to fashion designer David Delfin and photographer Gorka Postigo. I'm sorry, but flaunting an excessive amount of Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouve, Eames,  Sylvia and John Read and Serge Mouille in my face is just plain mean...one day...

Any way, this interior does lurk somewhere on the blog probably under the title 'envy'  but well deserves a revisit so pictures above. See more interior gems with a mid century and scandi flavour here at Design Attractor

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