I do love a good banner! these church banners available from curious sofa are pretty perfect. I love that they are a bit disco and glittery on the type front too! The four antique velvet banners depict the  important areas of character according to the church...I'd probably go for the endurance one, right by my desk.

Its funny that I stumbled across these now as i've just watched a really interesting program by Philosopher Alain de Botton on the perfect home and he likened the way we are drawn to certain objects and buildings in the same way we are to peoples character..we often look for the same traits or virtues, for example..courage..wit and self knowledge.

I think its an interesting approach to design, rather than trying to be the next new fancy thing perhaps if we concentrated on incorporating Aristotle's notes on good character into what we make..we may just come up with something timeless...

So, time to start making something with balls that knows how to laugh at itself then.

Have a good weekend!


Curious Sofa said...

Thanks for the mention. They are even lovelier in person!

Emily Forgot said...

My pleasure Debbie, they are really super!!

: )

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